About Us


RJ DEGS SOLUTIONS, LLC is a North Carolina intrastate service provider, with operations that are focus on transporting and warehousing freight within the state of North Carolina  . We run our business as one highly integrated network of people, technology and physical assets. We use our network to help customers manage their goods more efficiently from the point of initial pick up to the delivery of shipment. 

Our company’s two main reporting sectors are service delivery and warehousing. Within these sectors, our business is well equipped by geographic location, versatility, and types of service to accommodate and execute the daily demands of our industry while placing a safety first policy for  and staff members.  Most important, we pride ourselves on hiring the“best of the best”in the industry. From our company executives to our agents and on the ground staff we know how important your freight is and consider every load not just as a commodity but another opportunity to prove our value and worth as your go to service provider.  


As a leader in our community and industry, we set our standards high to be an example that is anything less than successful. Our values are at the core of our operation and through our tenure of being trustworthy, committed, and safety-focused it has provided a track record of stability for our customers to believe in us.  


Integrity is the best way to earn trust. Our accountability with sound decision-making with projects of various sizes and in different capacities allows us to interact daily with our customers, employees and suppliers. 


We strive to provide customer service that is the best in the industry, by the qualities our customers care about most. We maintain a very strong work ethic, resulting in both efficiency and transparency in the performance of our jobs.   


Safety is of the utmost importance, reaching beyond the company to our customers, communities and families. We strive to be the standard within the industry through innovative techniques and continuous education. As a company standard we evaluate and train each employee quarterly to ensure a higher level of safety awareness on new guidelines and regulations within the industry to secure and provide a safer work environment for positions involved in making us one of the safest company in the business.    


RJ DEGS SOLUTIONS, LLC  strives to provide reliable, on time service to our customers by taking pride in our employees, our work, our safety and our communities we serve……. Because we lead while the rest follow!