We provide a  service to all of the state of North Carolina. Transporting General Commodity freight with customized service solutions for companies operating within the state of North Carolina, with this system in place it allows our customers to focus on their core business production. 

Whether your shipment requires an extensive solution or just a little extra attention to detail, we focus on meeting the needs of our customers by strategically choosing the right mode of service for our customer’s freight. We constantly exceed our customer’s financial expectations by providing an opportunity of networking freight to independent service providers who we feel are highly qualified to assist us when you need it and at competitive rates.

 We pride ourselves on professionalism and will guide you in implementing a safe cost effective solution to handle anything from your one-time shipments to larger long-term volumes of freight.  

  • Industry-leading capacity solutions
  • Flexible options for more lanes and increase in freight       
  • Tracking and reporting capabilities
  • Time-sensitive solutions